Solutions for organic farming accessible to all.

Discover the joy of nourishing a living ecosystem with Terralba.

Join the Terralba tribe and adopt the art of organic growing.

Since 2014, we have been offering natural products and innovative, healthy and highly productive growing techniques.

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  • Gardening

  • Kitchen gardens

  • Permaculture

  • Balconies, urban gardens

  • Indoor plants

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Public authorities

  • Public services, green spaces

  • Sports grounds

  • Communal gardens

  • Associations

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  • Producers

  • Market gardeners

  • Farmers

  • Hotels

  • Catering

Why use Terralba solutions?

 Stronger, healthier plants

 Top quality production thanks to complete nutrition

An accessible method that is totally respectful of the environment

 Pesticide-free, highly productive crops, gardens and sports fields

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Photo de Xavier le fondateur de Terralba devant une plante en culture bio

We love those who dare!

Terralba is a company offering avant-garde products and services for the garden centre and private sectors, professional crops, organic fertiliser brands and local authorities.

Since 2014, Terralba has dedicated its R&D and activities to crop professionals.

Terralba is the 1st French manufacturer to have :

1. Opened a local counter dedicated solely to the practice and sharing of 100% biodynamic, and therefore living and organic, knowledge.

2. Developed the market's most comprehensive range of soil improvers, organic fertilisers (composted matter, algae, plants, etc.) and organic minerals (basalt, zeolite, azomite, etc.).

3. Developed ranges of materials and machines, developed recipes and published books dedicated to the specific use of oxygenated compost teas (OCT), for both professional growers and private individuals.

4. Marketed a range of geotextile pots, Ollas, slurries and equipment designed exclusively to help grow crops and promote living soil.

Let Terralba's innovative techniques be your guide to growing a thriving garden!

An extraordinary diversity of entities using our products

 Farmers and winegrowers practising and/or testing TCO techniques (over 45,000 hectares)
Professional sports grounds(golf, rugby, football)
Hotels, gîtes, guest houses
Renowned chefs for their own production and restaurants +380 organic market gardeners
Landscapers, horticulturists 4 municipalities (metropolises, green spaces) +20 nurseries and rose gardens
CBD hemp, textile, indoor and outdoor farms
Independent garden centres
Online garden sales sites

And our greatest source of pride, a database of over 12,000 private customers in 5 years!

A wide choice of organic products and outlets where you can find Terralba's selection

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Partners and suppliers
Brands distributed

We share our knowledge with

1 estate dedicated to organic growing in living soil.

Our company has a large, multifunctional estate of 4,000m² on 1.2 hectares, including an R&D site, a storage centre, a dispatch and production centre, and a shop open to private individuals and professionals.

Our estate also includes a training centre where you can acquire the skills you need to master organic growing in living soil. We offer general training courses as well as courses tailored to your specific needs.

1 publishing house

Our publishing house specialises in agronomic innovations linked to living systems. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise in organic farming with professionals and amateurs around the world. We have developed extensive knowledge of various organic growing techniques, in particular the oxygenated compost tea method.

Our publishing house specialises in agronomic innovations linked to living organisms. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise in organic growing with professionals and enthusiasts around the world. We have developed extensive knowledge of different organic growing techniques, in particular the oxygenated compost tea method.

A range of products dedicated to soil life, for everyone and every crop

Natural, innovative, respectful of the environment, easy to use, long-lasting, suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with NF and/or CE standards, and at prices to match, our showcase promotes a different way of growing crops: our selected products and our techniques enhance the life of the soil.

We decided to take action with a simple objective: to make our crops and our soil a simple, healthy, generous and economical place that everyone can be proud of, with the best possible organic solutions.

Photo de plante en culture biologique par Terralba
Potager en culture bio sol vivant par Terralba

We offer safe products and highly effective methods for harvesting

  • + Heavy

  • + Tasty

  • + Beautiful

  • + Early

  • More robust plants!

Product innovation?

We get it from nature, in the raw, without any human processing; nature (especially the forest) is our laboratory, our best agricultural engineer!

What sets us apart even more is that we exclude the use of products derived from the slaughter of animals: blood, bones, horns, feathers, etc. At Terralba we call our products by their name (molasses = molasses, vermicompost = vermicompost, etc.) and not by any nonsensical marketing superlatives!

> Terralba brings out the real treasures of nature in your crops!

Our references

They place their trust in us.

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