Activated Aereted Compost Tea (AACT)

Nutritious watering full of life

Soil revitalisation and performance

Revolutionise your garden with organic living soil cultivation

AACT in France

Little-known and little-used in France, oxygenated compost tea (TCO), or AACT in english (activated aerated compost tea), is a liquid extracted and fermented from composted materials in the presence of oxygen. Unlike liquid manure obtained by soaking without forced air, TCO has no unpleasant odors because it is non-pathogenic, and fertilizers are extracted more rapidly. It contains both soluble nutrients and living microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes).
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What's the point of oxygenated compost tea ?

In short, it nourishes and protects your plant by revitalizing the soil. The greater diversity of the microbial population means a greater capacity to counter pathogens and retain nutrients.

What's more, the higher the concentration of nutrients in the extract (the tea), the greater the development of beneficial microorganisms (hence the importance of the filter!).

Although totally organic, this easy-to-use method is similar to mineral fertilization in its speed of assimilation. Depending on requirements, dried plants (alfalfa, horsetail, nettle, comfrey, etc.) and organic supplements (composted products, algae, hydrolysates, micronized rocks, etc.) should be added to promote cation exchange.

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Illustration le Thé de compost oxygéné en france
Photo de comparaison avec et sans TCO

The benefits of AACT

    Improves plant growth


    Better nutrient absorption


    Improved plant nutrient quality


     Beneficial microorganisms vs. pathogenic

    Better nutrient retention

      Lower amendment costs

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The basic AACT recipe

Initial dosage for use on small surfaces (10-250m²)

  • For 10L of solution: 200 to 250g of compost (or vermicompost) + 10 to 20ml of unrefined black cane molasses

  • As an option, to make your micro-organism-enriched solution more nutrient-rich, still for 10L of solution: 20g of various micronized rocks (azomite, zeolites, epsom salt...), 10g of various micronized dried plants (nettle, comfrey, horsetail...), 10g of algae (kelp, spirulina...) or hydrolysates (fish, kelp...)...

Illustration le dosage d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné
la durée de création d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

Duration of oxygenated compost teas

  • 24h for a bacterial tea (for annual plants)

  • 24-36h for fungal teas (hedges, trees)

  • 48h for a stabilizing protozoan tea (microbial fauna regulator)

 Water temperature must be between 18° and 22°C.

Molasses, an essential

Cane molasses serves as food for microorganisms. They're greedy, and love it so they can multiply! Contains unrefined sugars and trace elements.

Tips: make sure your preparation is homogenous by mixing it thoroughly in a container or using a shaker.

Add a sandy rock such as Chabasite zeolite to prevent settling, and avoid premature anaerobic degradation inside your filter.

La fréquence d'utilisation d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

How often should you produce your AACT?

Frequency: with compost alone 2 times a month, without plants or supplements; up to 2-3 times a week with plants and supplements for fattening, depending on the type of crop and the greediness of your plants.

The list of components for your AACT prover :

Le contenant d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

One container

Bucket, Barrel, Vat (From 10-20L to larger volumes 60-120-200-1000L). Your container should be about 1/4 as large as the quantity of solution (for 15L of tea use a 20L bucket, for example).

Le filtre d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

A 400µ or 200µ filter

Large enough to accommodate the composted material(s), rocks, plants and other supplements. Why 400µ and 200µ? - To allow all micro-organisms to pass through (200µ is for bacteria, larger for bacteria and fungi).

Le compresseur à air d'un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

Air Compressor

Must be of very high quality, but oxygenation without violence (less than 1.3 bar). A lack of performance can hinder the development of your TCO (+ 200L/H Minimum For 15L Solution for example) or other high-performance water oxygenation systems (venturi).

Le diffuseur à oxygène pour un TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

Oxygen Diffuser

Connected to your pump to provide all the oxygen your TCO needs to thrive.

un robinet ou pompe pour la cuve du TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné

A Tap or Pump

To collect and/or water your TCO once it's finished. All you have to do is pour it into a sprayer, watering can or spray tank.

les options du TCO ou thé de compost oxygéné


A pump for stirring the solution, preferably a ceramic or Vortex system.

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Kit complet machine et amendements pour tco ou thé de compost oxygéné

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Image étiquette pack thé de compost oxygéné croissance

TCO-AACT Growth Pack


Image étiquette pack thé de compost oxygéné floraison

Flowering TCO-AACT Pack


Alternative amendments

If you don't have fresh compost, use vermicompost for best results, or guanogalli and mealworm guano to fertilize your plants (these 2 materials are also already composted). All earthworm and insect droppings will feed your soil with microorganisms and nutrients. They are composted and therefore directly assimilated, promoting symbiosis with your root systems.

Never use products that have not been dried, reduced or composted, to avoid pathogen development! (dried blood, marine guano...)

Ingrédient TCO Lombricompost


Ingrédient TCO guano de chauve souris

Guanogali chicken guano

Ingrédient TCO guano de vers de farine

Guano from mealworms

You can supplement your soil improver with our soluble bacteria, fish hydrolysate, kelp hydrolysate (ascophyllum nodosum), biochar, or spirulina (watch out for moss :)!

Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné bactéries soluble

Soluble Bacteria

Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné Hydrolysat de poisson

Fish hydrolysate

Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné Kelp


Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné biochar


Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné spiruline


Epsom salt will provide a good quantity of magnesium and sulfur to your solution, trace elements necessary during growth.

Chabasite-type zeolite will stabilize your solution by depolluting it through filtration. Micronized azomite or clinoptilolite zeolite provides all the trace elements and protection you need. They contain dozens and dozens of traces of earth minerals! In this way, your crops will be able to express their full potential in terms of taste, color and quality!

Ingrédient Thé de compost oxygéné sel d'epsom

Epsom salt

Zeolite Chabasite

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