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BIO BLACK MOLASSE NK : 0.6-2.8: sugars to stimulate microbial life. TCO and watering

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Suitable for AB use, all year round

Useful for growth and flowering

Rich in trace elements
(iron, magnesium, calcium...)

Feeds bacteria and mushrooms

A concrete source of nitrogen and potassium.

Rich in B vitamins
(niacin or B-3, B-6, thiamine and riboflavin)

Molasses from 100% pure, organic sugar cane - for growth and flowering!

Special nutrient material for rapid development and multiplication of EM, micro-organisms.

100% pure and organic, Black Molasses is a natural product extracted from sugar cane.

Its consistency is dense and viscous like honey, but it does not crystallize. Along with vermicompost, mealworm guano and homemade compost, this top-of-the-range molasses is the essential base for making oxygenated compost teas (OCT).

For watering, sprinkling, TCO, diluted in water.

Instructions for use :

 For :
• Your green plants
• Your flowers
• Your vegetable garden
• Your trees and shrubs
• Your aromatic plants
Dosage :
• Thé de compost oxygéné : 10ml/10L de solution chaque 12h.
• Aspersion : 1ml/litre.
• Arrosage : 2ml/litre.

Tip : 
For sprinkling, add 1g/L epsom salt, an excellent chelating agent. This will ensure optimum assimilation of spirulina and a significant magnesium contribution to the greening of your plants.

Informations :

High-quality molasses 100% derived from organic sugar cane.For use in AB CE 834/2007

Recommendations :
Do not ingest or feed to animals. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not exceed prescribed doses.