GUANOGALI Pellets : gallinaceous organic fertilizers

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GUANOGALI, guano de gallinacés PELLETS : growth and microbial life.

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Can be used in AB all year round

Activates soil life

For all types of plants

Can be used in AB all year round

asy to use : as a mixture or as a top dressing

Participates in the formationof the clay-humus complex

Combination NPK > 7%

Stimulates microbial activity :
encourages humus production

Rich in sulfur and trace elements to prevent deficiencies

To activate the soil and the growth of your plants!

100% gallinaceous guano composted into pellets

Very rich in fertilizing elements, gali guano maintains the clay-humus complex, i.e. the association of organic matter (humus on the surface) and inorganic matter (mineralogical clays in the subsoil).

The clay-humus complex is a veritable reservoir of nutrients, well known to permaculturists.

Rich in sulfur and trace elements, it also enables slow assimilation of nitrogen. Ideal for growth periods.

Instructions for use :

 For  :
• Your green plants
• Your flowers
• Your vegetable garden
• Your trees and shrubs
• Your aromatic plants

Dosage :
• Potting or mixing : 30g per 10L of soil (approx. 5kg)
Outdoors : 300g/m².
• In oxygenated compost tea: 20g/10L of solution.

Association :
Ideal for use in oxygenated compost teas to boost growth phases.

Informations :

100% natural composted gallinaceous guano.
Suitable for use in organic farming in compliance with EC regulation no. 834/2007. NPK 5-3-2.

Composition :
• 5% (N-Nitrogen)
• 3% (P205-Phosphorus)
• 2% (K2O-Potash)
• 8% (Ca-Calcium)
• 6,2% (Fe-Iron)
• 2,9% (Zc-Zinc)
• PH : 7,1

Recommendations :
Do not ingest or feed to animals. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not exceed prescribed doses.